Lola Hurckes

In Memoriam

Lola was found in Tennessee as a stray and eventually was transported to TAPS in Pekin.  It was here that she found Brandon and Amy Hurckes and their kids, that she decided she wanted to be a part of the family too.  Since day 1 she has been loving, well behaved and sociable with everyone she meets.  Since making such a positive impact on the family, Lola felt her talents could be better served by helping around the office, rather than staying home on the couch.  Lola is extremely well behaved and affectionate, so if you see her walking around the office, give her a whistle and some ear scratches and she will stay by you as long as you'd like.

When Lola isn't working hard at the office, she likes to enjoy her free time by sleeping on the couch, barking out the front windows at neighbors, sleeping on her bed, running after squirrels in the backyard and sleeping on the recliner.