We understand that one size does not fit all. We have flexible compensation models available for our clients. Since every client has their own unique plan, our compensation is predicated on that same idea. However, all compensation is fully disclosed prior to any signing of paperwork.
It is one who puts their clients best interest above all others.
Depending on the complexity of a client’s situation, you can expect to visit with us up to 4 times a year or determined by your particular needs
The best way to describe our investment philosophy is based on the old fable “The Tortoise and the Hare”. We understand that we can not win every race. But if we complete and compete in every race, we have confidence that our client’s plans will achieve the desired outcome. In other words, we take a slow and steady approach to investing.
With 3 advisors on staff, we take a team approach with our clients. Every client will have their own “lead” advisor with the other two providing support on an as-needed basis.
We believe our greatest value that we bring to our clients is “A Voice of Reason”. In today’s world, information flows at a lightning speed pace and keeping up with that can be a daunting task. Our job is to assist you with drowning out the noise and concentrating on what truly matters to your particular situation. Rarely is it a good decision made during an emotional moment.
Financial Planning is much like a piece of art that never quite gets completed. We start with a blank canvas (your situation) and begin painting a picture (solutions) that best assist you to solve your goal(s). This is done by an ongoing relationship consisting of questions and answers, dealing with emotionally charged feelings/thoughts and as many meetings as necessary. In life, things change, and we understand your plan will change as well and we will be there when it happens.
We would say financial planning and retirement planning have many similar qualities. In our opinion, financial planning begins at an earlier stage in life since in many cases, time is an ally. Retirement planning is more focused on a couple of items since this process tends to occur with those in a later stage of life. However, both can be used at any age.
We consider what we do as a “marathon”. So, we never have made the size of the client’s assets a priority when determining if we want to work with them. The commitment to the process of achieving one’s goals is what we are most interested in. Whether you have a lot or a little, “now” is always a good time to start planning for your future.