Kaylee Kirk

Client Services Specialist

Kaylee joined Clarity Group Midwest in February of 2022. She brings experience and expertise in customer service and client communications excelling in front line roles in several industries. Kaylee’s experience ranges from successfully managing retail stores to providing concierge services, patient scheduling, and being a key liaison within a large medical network. Kaylee’s passion for serving customers and creating a positive client experience is a driving force in her work, making Kaylee a perfect fit with the Clarity Group Midwest Team. Kaylee’s warm smile, communication skills, and personable approach equips her to be a primary first contact for greeting clients at the office, managing phones, and scheduling client meetings. She is a team player, ever-ready to coordinate the efforts of and advocate for our clients, financial advisors, and operations team.     

Kaylee currently resides in Peoria, Il and when not working she enjoys reading, journaling, hiking, and spending time with her daughter Nova.